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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Facts relating to motorcycle accidents

In 2015, there were nearly 90,000 reported motorcycle-related injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Because motorcyclists are almost 30 times more likely to die in a collision per mile traveled and about five times more likely to suffer an injury, motorcycle riding can be risky for Pennsylvania residents.

Dangers motorcyclists face

Pennsylvania motorcyclists face many dangers as they share the road with other motorists, the foremost being the fact that they have little protection in the event they collide with a vehicle. This can leave them with catastrophic injuries that can sometimes be fatal. In fact, bikers are five times more prone to becoming injured and 26 times likely to be killed in an accident compared with vehicle occupants.

Would lane splitting reduce motorcycle crashes in Pennsylvania?

Have you ever seen a motorcyclist riding between the lanes? This is known as “lane splitting.” Though it may look strange, and it is not currently legal in most of the U.S., there are arguments that lane splitting is a safer alternative for riders, according to the American Motorcyclist Association.

1 killed, 1 critical after car turning left hits their motorcycle

Though it happens thousands of times a day, left-hand turns are among the most dangerous situations on the roads of Pittsburgh. The motorist trying to turn must pay close attention to oncoming vehicles to determine when it is safe to proceed. An inattentive or impatient driver can cause a serious wreck by turning as other motorists are still passing through the intersection.

What is the motorcycle licensing process in Pennsylvania?

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun, convenient and energy-efficient way to get around, but it is often riskier than driving a truck or car. Riders can take steps to minimize the risk of serious injury, though they cannot necessarily avoid all reckless drivers on the road.

Motorcyclist catches scary crash on helmet cam

While the following story is a little bit old, it is still an amazing tale that has an important lesson (or two) behind it. A 24-year-old motorcyclist was riding with a few of his buddies back in April. It was in a somewhat secluded and hilly area. The 24-year-old was rounding a blind corner, and when he made it around, a huge fire truck revealed itself.

Married pastors caught in motorcycle wreck; 1 killed

Of course, when someone is killed in a car accident, the people most affected by this tragedy will probably be the victim’s family. Their spouse and children are deprived of the deceased’s companionship, as well as their emotional and financial support, and they are the people who were counting on these things the most.

Motorcycle helmets can save some, but not all, lives in a crash

Most safety experts agree that motorcycle riders and passengers should wear a helmet. While a proper helmet may indeed mean the difference between life and death in many auto accidents, it cannot prevent car and truck drivers from putting Pennsylvania riders in danger.