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Fall safety tips for Pennsylvania drivers

Pennsylvania residents often take to the roads in the fall to view the state's impressive foliage, attend football games or visit friends and family members, but driving conditions can be unpredictable at this time of year and traffic conditions often change quickly. Heavy rains can make fall roads treacherous when water pools on top of accumulated summer dust and oil, and drivers in states like Pennsylvania with mountainous and wooded terrain should be especially vigilant as fog can descend rapidly and impede visibility.

Added fall road hazards in Pennsylvania include road markings obscured by falling leaves, increased pedestrian and road traffic as students return to school and unpredictable animal behavior during the white-tailed deer mating season. Drivers in the state who wish to complete their fall journeys without incident should allow extra time to account for traffic congestion caused by school buses, check weather forecasts before setting out and make sure that their windshields are clean to reduce glare.

Worn brakes or incorrect tire pressures make car accidents far more likely, and this can be especially true in the fall when fallen leaves can make road surfaces unusually slick and temperature fluctuations can cause tires to contract and expand. However, the chances of being involved in a collision can be greatly reduced by regular preventative maintenance, maintaining safe distances, reducing speeds and remaining vigilant.

Most automobile accidents involve human error of some kind, and experienced personal injury attorneys may seek to hold negligent drivers responsible when they cause harm to other road users. Establishing negligence may be straightforward when motorists have violated traffic laws and face criminal charges, but proving fatigue or distraction can be more difficult. In these situations, attorneys may gather more information by conducting additional investigations, and they could also check the data stored on modern vehicle electronics systems to find out what happened in the moments before an accident.

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