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Failures to diagnose foot bone tumors

Some Pennsylvanians develop bone tumors of the feet. While malignant tumors of the feet are rare, they are aggressive forms of cancer and must be promptly treated. Delays in the diagnoses may cause worsened prognoses while subjecting the victims to more extensive treatments.

Bone tumors of the feet may appear as small protrusions under the skin on top of the bony surfaces. They most commonly affect the toes and tops of the feet. More rarely, they may appear on the heels. If the tumors are benign, they may still require removal. If they are malignant, they will require prompt medical care to prevent the cancer from metastasizing throughout the body.

Malignant bone tumors may cause similar symptoms as do other issues such as infections, stress fractures or benign tumors. It is important for doctors to perform the correct diagnostic tests to make certain whether or not the tumors are malignant. If they fail to diagnose cancer that is present, it may spread. The patients may potentially die as a result of the cancer's spreading or have to undergo more extensive treatments. The treatments may include the removal of the tumor, chemotherapy, radiation or even amputations.

Experienced medical malpractice lawyers may review the medical records of victims to determine whether or not delayed diagnoses were caused by medical errors. If they were, they may agree to accept the cases and file lawsuits against the negligent doctors for their failures to diagnose cancer. The attorneys may negotiate settlements for their clients that fairly compensate them for their losses. If a malpractice insurer refuses to make a reasonable offer, an attorney may fight for a victim through a jury trial in order to try to recover compensation for the client.

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