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Shock device for drowsy drivers

Even though drowsy driving may not have the same reputation as drunk driving, it can be just as deadly. The Centers for Disease Control report that drowsy drivers in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country are responsible for up to 6,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents every year.

Drivers may consume energy drinks or coffee or listen to loud music in order remain awake. However, developers of a wearable shock device believe that their product provides a better solution for the issue of driving while drowsy.

The shock device is worn on the wrist, and it vibrates and shocks when it senses the wearer is about to fall asleep. It has a sensor that can detect variations in the heart rate and another that detects changes in sweat secretion. The device records preliminary measurements of the wearer's skin conductance level and heart rate when it is first put on. If the heart rate is reduced by 10 beats a minute and the skin conductance level falls by one unit from the baseline, the device will vibrate slightly. If the skin conductance level and the heart rate fall even further, the device will emit a gentle shock.

The shock is intended to keep the driver awake by increasing the hormones in the body that can keep the driver awake. This includes cortisol and serotonin. The developers of the shock device believe that drivers will be able to stay awake long enough to get off the road and find a place to sleep.

People who have been injured in car accidents may have legal recourse. A personal injury attorney may explain how negligent drivers may be held financially liable for hit-and-runs, rear-end accidents and head-on collisions that resulted in brain injuries, broken bones, permanent disabilities and other types of pain and suffering.

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