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Crash avoidance systems in new cars cut accident rates

Until recently, drivers in Pennsylvania had only their eyes to rely on when checking blind spots during lane changes. However, crash avoidance technology now supports motorists with warnings about objects if they forget to look or fail to see another vehicle. Automatic warning systems that detect drifting out of a lane or objects in a blind spot have cut down on some accidents, according to research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

A vice president at the institute said that crash avoidance systems are saving lives. Her analysis of over 5,000 lane departure or blind spot accidents in 2015 showed an 11 percent decrease in this type of crash among vehicles with warning systems. The data also indicated that injury rates dropped by 21 percent in vehicles with warning systems that supplemented human operation.

The researcher said that the reductions in crashes and injuries would be even greater if people did not turn off the warning systems. She suspected that people deactivated the alarms because the beeping annoyed them. She made this conclusion after examining similar crash and injury studies conducted in 2015. Studies of U.S. commercial trucks and Volvo cars in Sweden with the warning technology showed crash rate reductions of approximately 50 percent.

Car accidents often result when a driver makes a bad decision or acts recklessly. A person hurt by a negligent driver could speak with an attorney about pursuing damages to pay for medical expenses and lost income. Support from an attorney could relieve the victim of the burdens of documenting evidence, negotiating with an insurance adjuster or filing court paperwork. If necessary, an attorney could present the case at trial and inform the jury about the financial hardships inflicted on the victim by the negligent party.

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