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Cancer diagnoses trigger strong emotions in people

Cancer in its many forms touches the lives of many Pennsylvanians either through direct experience or relationships with people who have the disease. The news that U.S. Senator John McCain has brain cancer prompted one writer to reflect upon how the disease altered her perspective on life.

She described the activities that many cancer patients and their families go through, like scouring the internet for health information and buying vitamins. Like her, many people seek out opinions from multiple doctors in search of answers and maybe even a cure. Love motivates these actions because the threat of terminal cancer brings the value of life into sharp relief.

The woman shared her experience of watching her mother battle terminal cancer. Her mother's brave example gave her the strength to pursue treatment when facing her own cancer. After losing her mother, she chose to pursue life and underwent surgery and radiation.

The author counts herself among survivors today, but some people miss their opportunity to get treatment because of failures to diagnose. When negligent physicians misinterpret test results or fail to order additional diagnostic tests, patients can suffer. An attorney familiar with litigating medical cases could assist a person in this situation. The lawyer could investigate whether the actions of a physician or health care facility were negligent. Compensation for pain and suffering, additional medical treatments and lost income might be recoverable after an attorney files a lawsuit detailing the evidence. Testimony from an outside medical expert obtained by an attorney could strengthen such a case.

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