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Biomarkers could be used to diagnose endometriosis

Pennsylvania residents who have been diagnosed with endometriosis may be interested to learn that doctors could potentially identify and use biomarkers to make early diagnoses and potentially even prescribe a treatment for the disease. Two of the possible biomarkers were identified as CA-125 and miRNAs.

Endometriosis is a systemic disease that affects women's reproductive organs, surrounding organs and tissues. The disease is hormone-driven and often has symptoms that include severe menstrual cramps, pelvic pain that can worsen with age and dysmenorrhea. This disease, which affects as many as 10 percent of American women of child-bearing age, can lower a person's quality of life and have a major economic impact.

Even though endometriosis has a major impact on sufferers, some women are not diagnosed until decades after the symptoms start. In fact, sufferers wait an average of 6.7 to 11 years between first experiencing the symptoms and receiving treatment. The major problem is that there is a lack of diagnostic tools that are able to properly identify the disease. However, it is hoped that the biomarkers could lead to a correct diagnosis much earlier, meaning patients can begin treatment earlier. Further, it was recommended that doctors should watch those who do not have symptoms but are at risk for developing the disease.

The failure to diagnose a chronic condition, such as endometriosis, can lead to the condition worsening over time and the inability to hold a regular job while still seeking treatment. If doctors failed to diagnose the condition due to negligence, the patient may have the grounds to file a medical malpractice claim. An attorney could utilize expert witness testimony and other evidence to demonstrate that a competent doctor would have ordered the correct diagnostic tests or looked into additional or alternative treatment if the current treatment was not working.

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