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July 2017 Archives

New software improves imaging for liver surgery

Liver surgery can be tricky. The organ is soft and wobbly, which means it can shift positions between the time when a liver tumor is imaged via a CT scan and when a doctor is viewing it during surgery. This can be dangerous when a surgeon is attempting to excise a tumor that is close to major blood vessels. However, scientists at Vanderbilt University have created software that could make liver surgery safer for patients in Pennsylvania and around the world.

Doctors could be measuring blood pressure improperly

Pennsylvania patients who regularly have their blood pressure checked with a manual device may be at risk for a high blood pressure misdiagnosis. If patients are prescribed medication after being misdiagnosed, they may suffer from side effects without getting any benefits.

More driving not enough to explain fatality rate

Last year, many Pennsylvania motorists drove more thanks to cheaper gasoline prices and job growth. However, the National Safety Council says that the increase in vehicle miles traveled last year cannot fully explain why there were so many car accident deaths. While vehicle miles traveled increased by 3 percent in 2016 over the previous year, car accident fatalities increased by 6 percent.

Cancer diagnoses trigger strong emotions in people

Cancer in its many forms touches the lives of many Pennsylvanians either through direct experience or relationships with people who have the disease. The news that U.S. Senator John McCain has brain cancer prompted one writer to reflect upon how the disease altered her perspective on life.

Study shows prostate cancer surgery unnecessary for most men

For Pennsylvania men with early-stage prostate cancer, surgery often offers little benefit if any at all, according to results of a long-term study. In fact, these procedures have often caused major complications and worsened medical conditions with side effects like infection, erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence.

Biomarkers could be used to diagnose endometriosis

Pennsylvania residents who have been diagnosed with endometriosis may be interested to learn that doctors could potentially identify and use biomarkers to make early diagnoses and potentially even prescribe a treatment for the disease. Two of the possible biomarkers were identified as CA-125 and miRNAs.

IIHC rates the safety of full-size sedans including Tesla Model S

Pennsylvania residents may be aware that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has referred to his company's Model S luxury sedan as the safest car ever made, but testers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety may not agree with him. The IIHS is a nonprofit organization that receives funding from the auto sector to conduct accident reconstructions and safety tests, and they recently rated six full-size sedans. The Toyota Avalon, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Lincoln Continental all received the institute's highest marks for crashworthiness, but the Tesla Model S did not.

Safety groups warn of driverless technology issues

Pennsylvania residents may be looking forward to driverless car technology. However, safety advocates are asking Congress to take its time and enact legislation before the vehicles are allowed on the road. The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety alliance says that automakers should be required to certify the safety of their vehicles before being allowed to test them and that there should be fewer cars allowed on the road for test purposes.