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Preventing melanoma

According to the American Cancer Society, melanoma is responsible for just about 1 percent of skin cancer cases, but it accounts for a substantial number of skin cancer fatalities. May is Melanoma Awareness Month, and Pennsylvania residents have the opportunity to learn more about the risks associated with sun exposure and sunburns.

Melanoma is a skin cancer that is a result of childhood sunburns and being regularly exposed to the sun. While the chances of developing melanoma increase as one grows older, women who are in their 20s and 30s are typically the most affected. Many people are unaware that melanoma can be fatal. While when it is detected early enough, its cure rate is 94 to 100 percent, if it metastasizes and develops in other parts of the body, the survival rate is only 20 percent.

Men may locate indications of melanoma on their backs, while women tend to see signs of the disease on their legs. It can also be present in areas that are not usually exposed to the sun, such as the eyes, scalp or bottoms of the feet. Individuals who have fair skin and a family with a history of the disease have the most risk for the disease. It is recommended that people wear sunglasses, sunscreen and protective clothing. A thick layer of sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF should be applied to the skin no more than thirty minutes before going outside.

The failure to diagnose this type of cancer can rapidly lead to a worsened medical condition. An attorney can review the facts of an affected client's case in order to see whether medical malpractice occurred.

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