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Common misdiagnoses of chronic digestive ailments

Pennsylvania residents who suffer from chronic digestive ailments may be interested to know that there are several conditions that can be misdiagnosed by medical professionals. The signs and symptoms that the conditions cause can be mistaken for those related to other grave ailments.

Intestinal bacteria disorder is a cause of diarrhea that is not as well-known as others. Also referred to as intestinal imbalance, the condition occurs when the amount of bacteria in the digestive system that aids in digestion declines. The condition can be treated with the consumption of foods containing probiotics, such as yogurt.

The use of antibiotics is also another cause of diarrhea in patients, as the medicine tends to eliminate bacteria that aids the digestive system as well as the bacteria that causes harm. This can also be treated by eating yogurt. Individuals who think they have food poisoning because they are having digestive and diarrhea issues may actually be suffering from an infectious disease. Infectious diarrheal illness can be transmitted from one person to another.

Children who have been diagnosed with appendicitis, a serious condition than causes abdominal pain and can be over-diagnosed, may have mesenteric adenitis. However, a failure to properly diagnose mesenteric adenitis is generally less serious than the failure to diagnose appendicitis. Medical professionals often fail to diagnose celiac disease as a reason for chronic digestive symptoms. It is a malabsorption disorder and is one of the most common chronic digestive conditions.

The failure to diagnose a medical condition can result in a variety of issues for a patient. A personal injury attorney may examine a misdiagnosed patient's case and may advise of whether a legal remedy can be pursued. The attorney may pursue financial damages for a misdiagnosis that resulted in a delayed treatment and a worsened condition.

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