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Breast implants and cancer

Pennsylvania women may be interested to know that according to the Food and Drug Administration, nine people have died as a result of a cancer linked to breast implants. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is an extremely rare form of a slow-growing cancer that targets the cell in the immune system and can be located in the skin or lymph nodes near a breast implant. It is not a type of breast cancer and may be treated effectively if it is detected early enough.

The FDA states that women who have breast implants have a very low risk of acquiring ACLC. However, their risk is higher when compared to women who do not have breast implants. As of Feb. 1, 2017, the FDA had received 359 reports of cases involving cancer associated with breast implants. Because there is no global sales data available and there are difficulties with world-wide reporting, the actual number of cases is difficult to determine.

The possibility that cancer could develop as a result of breast implants was first raised by the FDA in 2011. Physicians were asked if they observed changes in their patients. Women were asked to check for cancer symptoms, such as hardening around their implants, fluid buildup, swelling and inflammation around the implants. The vast majority of the cancer cases occurred in individuals who had implants with textured surfaces. Out of the 231 cases reported to the FDA that included information about the implant, 203 had textured surfaces.

Injuries sustained from the use of defective products may be cause to pursue a products liability suit. A personal injury attorney may file suit against the manufacturers whose products resulted in an illness or an injury or death of a consumer. A manufacturer may also be held liable if it failed to provide sufficient warning.

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