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Brain injuries will be in the spotlight during March

More than 5 million people around the country have been left disabled by traumatic brain injuries, and the challenges they face on a daily basis will be recognized in March during National Brain Injury Awareness Month in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. The nation's emergency rooms treat about 2.2 million serious brain injuries each year, and head trauma accounts for almost a third of all U.S. injury deaths according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Serious brain injuries can be difficult for even experienced neurologists to diagnose, and symptoms like headaches, blurred vision and nausea sometimes remain undetected for hours, days or even months. While a great deal of recent research has focused on head trauma in contact sports like football, rugby and boxing, this type of injury is more likely to be caused by a fall or car accident.

Mild traumatic brain injuries may cause only brief periods of disorientation, but unconsciousness can be prolonged and amnesia is common when head trauma is severe. Experts say that heavy blows to the head should always be taken seriously, and they urge parents to be particularly vigilant when their children fall or strike their heads. This is because the developing brain can be particularly fragile and children are not always able to let adults know how they feel.

A serious brain injury can leave individuals unable to work for lengthy periods, and experienced personal injury attorneys may seek damages to cover lost income and other expenses when the injury has been caused by the negligence of another party. The costs of long-term medical treatment and physical therapy in brain injury cases can be ruinous, and attorneys may consult with neurologists or other experts to better understand the challenges their clients will face. These experts could also help juries to understand the life-changing nature of these injuries.

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