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WHO wants cancer caught earlier

According to the World Health Organization, a greater emphasis should be placed on diagnosing cancer earlier. Throughout Pennsylvania and the res of the world, one out of every six deaths is attributed to the disease. In 2010, the cost of treatment and lost productivity costs totaled $1.16 trillion. More than 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, and 8.8 million people will die from cancer each year.

It is expected that by 2030, approximately 21 million people will be diagnosed with cancer every year. WHO acknowledged that treatment is more difficult in poorer nations where imaging and laboratory skills are less common. However, the organization said that these countries should emphasize basic cancer diagnostic treatment services that are low-cost and high-impact. Furthermore, those who don't have to pay for treatment out of their own pocket may be more likely to seek treatment.

Making a cancer diagnosis early generally makes the disease easier and less costly to treat. This may be especially true of those who are diagnosed with breast, cervical and colorectal cancers. In addition to costing less to treat, it may be possible for individuals to continue working if they are diagnosed in a timely manner.

If a patient is harmed because of a failure to diagnose cancer, he or she might wish to file a medical malpractice suit. If successful, an individual may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings. To receive compensation, it must be shown that a doctor or medical professional acted in a negligent manner. This could be established by showing that tests were not ordered or that other steps were not taken that could have resulted in a proper and timely diagnosis.

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