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February 2017 Archives

TBIs and how they affect children

Many Pennsylvania children experience traumatic brain injuries when they are participating in sports. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 250,000 children and young adults received treatment for TBIs that were related to sports or recreation in 2009. Between 2001 and 2009, sports and recreation-related TBIs increased by 57 percent among people under the age of 19.

WHO wants cancer caught earlier

According to the World Health Organization, a greater emphasis should be placed on diagnosing cancer earlier. Throughout Pennsylvania and the res of the world, one out of every six deaths is attributed to the disease. In 2010, the cost of treatment and lost productivity costs totaled $1.16 trillion. More than 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, and 8.8 million people will die from cancer each year.

States with best and worst highway safety laws named

Pennsylvania was named as one of the worst-performing states for adopting highway safety laws in a report released on Jan. 31 by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. The report looked at safety laws relating to teen drivers, text messaging, child passenger safety, use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets, and impaired driving among other concerns.