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Dangers motorcyclists face

Pennsylvania motorcyclists face many dangers as they share the road with other motorists, the foremost being the fact that they have little protection in the event they collide with a vehicle. This can leave them with catastrophic injuries that can sometimes be fatal. In fact, bikers are five times more prone to becoming injured and 26 times likely to be killed in an accident compared with vehicle occupants.

According to statistics, in about two-thirds of motorcycle-vehicle crashes, the driver impeded with the biker's right of way in some manner. Further, while the fatality rate among drivers and their occupants in passenger vehicles and light trucks has been declining since 1999, the fatality rate among bikers has more than doubled during the same period.

Compared with passenger car drivers, bikers face peculiar problems involving visual recognition, speed wobble accidents and road hazards. While motorcycles are harder to see compared with other vehicles, inclement weather and road conditions can compound the problem. This is especially true in intersections where about 70 percent of motorcycle-vehicle crashes happen.

Road hazards may be minor for passenger vehicles and trucks but could pose serious dangers for bikers. Motorcycles also could crash because of a speed wobble accident, which occurs when the biker is traveling at a high speed, and the front end wobbles or becomes unstable.

Bikers who are severely injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver of a passenger vehicle or truck might wish to pursue compensation with the assistance of an attorney. If it can be determined that the other driver was responsible, the biker may be able to recover amounts that could include medical expenses, wage losses and other damages.

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