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Child dies after tonsillectomy

Pennsylvania parents should be aware that children who undergo even routine surgical procedures are at risk. One example of this was a 9-year-old girl in Michigan who died hours after undergoing a tonsillectomy, a common childhood procedure.

There are more than 500,000 tonsillectomy operations completed each year. While it was usually used to treat the inflammation and inflection of the tonsils, it is currently often used as a treatment for sleep-disordered breathing.

The mother of the child stated that she was reluctant to have the surgery performed on her daughter for years, but decided in December 2016 to take her child to the hospital for the operation. The mother intends to file a lawsuit against Detroit Medical Center, which owns the hospital where the procedure took place.

The child was having her tonsils removed to prevent snoring. The procedure, which the physicians had advised was medically necessary, was supposed to last 40 minutes. However, the operation took two hours to complete. The child was discharged from the hospital and was not feeling well when she returned home. The mother alleges that the ear, nose and throat specialist who performed the procedure erroneously discharged her daughter, who was not in stable condition after the surgery. An autopsy was conducted, but the complete results will not available for months. Information in the medical report indicates that multiple issues may have posed a risk to the young girl. They include complications with anesthesia, an obstructed airway and undetected cardiac conditions.

Surgical errors, can result in a worsened medical condition or death. A medical malpractice attorney may seek to hold the liable parties, which may include the surgeon and the hospital at which the procedure took place, financially responsible through the filing of a civil lawsuit on behalf of those who have been harmed.

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