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Improving sleep cycles may help brain injuries heal faster

Pennsylvania drivers or passengers who become involved in a car accident are at risk for suffering a brain injury. Not only can a brain injury result in a lengthy hospital stay, but patients may become disabled or even lose their ability to function on their own. Researchers have set out to learn whether improving sleep patterns during recovery could help improve patients' functions.

The Canadian study involved 30 patients who had suffered moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries after being involved in motorcycle accidents. Patients with more severe injuries and lower cognitive functions showed interrupted sleep patterns. This included being awake for a few minutes before falling back asleep for a few minutes. This cycle would repeat throughout night and day. As patients improved, their sleep cycles also improved.

The findings from this study are consistent with other research that indicates that the body requires sleep to heal. As such, the authors suggested that hospitals could potentially take steps to improve patients' sleep cycles to help them heal more quickly. This can certainly be accomplished through medication. Additionally, patients may have improved sleep cycles if they are given enough exposure to the sun during the day and enough dark at night.

Brain injuries can result in dramatic changes to a victim's life. Extensive and expensive medical care and treatment might be required, and many people are unable to ever return to gainful employment. When the injury is due to the negligence of another party, such as a car crash that was caused by a speeding, impaired or distracted driver, an attorney could help seek compensation for the losses that have been and will be incurred through a personal injury lawsuit filed against the at-fault motorist.

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