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Thanksgiving is most deadly holiday for motorists

Throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S., there are more fatal car accidents on Thanksgiving than any other holiday. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 50,000 non-deadly auto accidents and 764 deadly crashes on Thanksgiving in 2012. In comparison to these numbers, the agency found that 58 fatal vehicle wrecks occurred on New Year's Eve, 169 on Independence Day, 341 on Memorial Day, 370 on New Year's Day and 654 during the Christmas holiday.

If drivers and their passengers would have used several simple safety preventative measures, the fatality rates could have been much lower on Thanksgiving. For instance, about 40 percent of the fatal car accidents during the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday were caused by a drunk driver. In addition, roughly 60 percent of the fatal-accident victims were not wearing their seat belts.

To help lower the fatality rate, the NHTSA issued several tips to help drivers stay safe during the Thanksgiving holiday. Before heading out on the roadways, it is a good idea for drivers to make sure that their tires are completely inflated, windshield wipers are in working order and the vehicle has plenty of anti-freeze windshield wiper fluid.

During the holiday season, many major roadways are more congested with drivers wishing to reach their destinations on time. Under these circumstances, many drivers may have the tendency to speed or drive in a reckless manner. If roadway conditions are poor because of inclement weather, the possibility for vehicle wrecks increases. Individuals involved in car accidents might want to pursue compensation for their injuries with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Through the law firm's use of beneficial resources, the plaintiff may recover medical expenses, income losses and lost earnings.

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