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November 2016 Archives

States with the worst drivers

Pennsylvania residents who plan to travel on major highways for the holidays might want to use extra caution if they are driving in certain states. According to information from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the states having the worst drivers in 2015 were Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Dakota and Delaware.

Thanksgiving is most deadly holiday for motorists

Throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S., there are more fatal car accidents on Thanksgiving than any other holiday. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 50,000 non-deadly auto accidents and 764 deadly crashes on Thanksgiving in 2012. In comparison to these numbers, the agency found that 58 fatal vehicle wrecks occurred on New Year's Eve, 169 on Independence Day, 341 on Memorial Day, 370 on New Year's Day and 654 during the Christmas holiday.

Helping Pennsylvania women recognize signs of breast cancer

According to a study conducted in England, one out of every six breast cancer patients initially visit the doctor for something other than a lump. Research also shows that if a woman doesn't have a lump, she is more likely to wait before seeing a doctor. Waiting to seek help could lead to a negative outcome for an individual if the cancer isn't caught in time.

Study shows results of erroneous diagnosis for skin condition

Pennsylvania residents may find interesting a study that showed that around 33 percent of people who have skin problems are erroneously diagnosed as having the bacterial skin condition known as cellulitis. As a result, many of these patients are prescribed needless medication such as antibiotics, while others are told that they must be hospitalized.

Early diagnosis of brain injuries is crucial for recovery

Many people who are involved in bicycle and motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania sustain traumatic brain injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that accidents involving motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles are the most common cause of TBI. The CDC says that an estimated 1.5 million people in the U.S. suffer from a TBI each year.