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The value of seeking a doctor's second opinion

It's understandable for a patient to feel shocked, sad and confused when they learn that they have a serious illness. In some cases, however, another doctor's opinion could produce an entirely different diagnosis. That's why many Pennsylvania patients may be wise to seek second opinions.

A second opinion will be especially important if a patient is facing a grave diagnosis. In such situations, a different diagnosis could actually be a life saver.

Another reason people seek a second opinion is because they prefer a treatment method other than the one their doctor has prescribed them. Another specialist or physician may have learned different ways to deal with an illness, which could be more beneficial to the patient.

It may also be a good idea to obtain a second opinion if the patient does not have full confidence in the doctor's diagnosis. Many physicians have given a misdiagnosis that has caused a patient's condition to grow worse. In fact, about 12 million outpatient adults are victims of misdiagnoses annually. To find a reputable physician or specialist, the patient might ask family members and friends for advice.

People who are diagnosed with a serious illness or disease expect their doctors to give them quality care that can provide hope for recovery. However, when health care professionals cause harm or injury to a patient because of a failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis, the injured patient might want to speak with an experienced attorney to learn how to hold the doctor liable. A victim could receive compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering and more.

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