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Seeking monetary compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit

When a Pennsylvania resident loses a loved one in a car crash or workplace accident, they may have the ability to seek compensation for their loss. This is usually done by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Before a lawsuit can be filed, however, they must be able to show that the death was caused by negligence and that the death resulted in financial loss for the person filing the lawsuit.

If the person has the grounds to file a wrongful death suit, the court must determine what pecuniary injuries the person sustained. These damages may include the loss of support, lost prospect of inheritance and any medical or funeral costs they became responsible for. If the case went to trial, the jury is responsible for determining the size of the damages; however, the judge may make adjustments depending on the deceased person's spending habits, age and earning potential.

In some Pennsylvania cases, punitive damages may also be awarded if there is evidence to support that serious or malicious wrongdoing caused the wrongful death of the person. However, whether or not the person may receive punitive damages depends on the circumstances surrounding the case and the evidence available.

If a person dies in a fatal accident, their loved ones and dependents may file a wrongful death claim against the person or company that was responsible. An attorney may assist with gathering evidence that shows that negligence or malicious intent ultimately resulted in the person's death. Additionally, the attorney may gather evidence, such as financial statements, that shows the person's earning potential, especially if they were the main breadwinner of the family. The attorney may even seek compensation for the funeral and medical costs, especially if they resulted in hardship for the family.

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