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October 2016 Archives

Diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases

Pennsylvania patients that have a rare disease may not receive a correct diagnosis for many years after they begin to show symptoms. A diagnosis can be difficult with rare diseases because doctors are often unaware that they exist. Once a person is diagnosed with a rare disease, the next challenge is finding a doctor who specializes in it.

Asthma and COPD patients may not be tested correctly

For Pennsylvania residents who suffer from asthma or COPD, getting diagnosed as quickly and accurately as possible could prevent their illness from worsening. The diagnosis is made through spirometry tests, which require patients to blow through a machine for as long and as hard as possible. While this test is recommended worldwide, it is often not done until after the initial diagnosis.

Challenges in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease

Some diseases can be difficult for Pennsylvania physicians to diagnose. Even with positive serologic tests for antibodies connected with Lyme disease, for example, the diagnosis of the disease in a patient is not necessarily warranted. A positive test reflects a patient's exposure to Lyme disease but does not necessarily imply that the disease is currently active. A provider must consider other symptoms in diagnosing active Lyme disease. Questions might be asked about whether a patient has been exposed to ticks and whether they recall a rash consistent with this condition. In cases involving symptoms but no specific recollection of tick encounters or rashes, a physician might proceed with treatment in an effort to confirm whether or not the condition is present.

Government aims to eliminate traffic deaths

Even motorists with excellent safety practices and records face the risk of injury or death when driving on Pennsylvania roads. Statistics indicate that 94 percent of traffic accidents are related human error. However, technological strides in automated driving increase the potential for reducing or eliminating driver error and related incidents. The Obama administration has a goal of achieving a zero-traffic death benchmark within a 30-year period.

The value of seeking a doctor's second opinion

It's understandable for a patient to feel shocked, sad and confused when they learn that they have a serious illness. In some cases, however, another doctor's opinion could produce an entirely different diagnosis. That's why many Pennsylvania patients may be wise to seek second opinions.

Patient identification mistakes: A huge problem in the U.S.

Pennsylvania, just like the rest of the United States, is still experiencing a significant amount of surgical errors due to incorrect patient identification. Some of the main causes of patient ID issues include outdated technological systems and incorrect sharing of medical records. Such patient errors can still be avoided if a surgeon or the operating room staff follow proper protocol and procedure when checking the patient prior to beginning the operation.

Seeking monetary compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit

When a Pennsylvania resident loses a loved one in a car crash or workplace accident, they may have the ability to seek compensation for their loss. This is usually done by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Before a lawsuit can be filed, however, they must be able to show that the death was caused by negligence and that the death resulted in financial loss for the person filing the lawsuit.