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Safer driving may be ahead for senior drivers

More and more, vehicles are being manufactured with innovative technology that can save lives and reduce injuries by assisting drivers to avoid potential crashes. With the advancement of multiple safety warning systems and the fact that many of them will be mandatory on all new vehicles by 2018, many senior drivers in Pennsylvania and throughout the country may feel confident to continue driving, according to reports.

Some of the breakthrough safety technology the automobile industry hopes to install in its vehicles in the future includes automated emergency brakes and adaptive headlights that move with the steering wheel and adjust the intensity of the light according to oncoming traffic and driving conditions. Safety features such as dashboard cameras, robotic systems that momentarily help with highway driving and blind spot warning systems are already on some vehicles.

After Google started the self-driving car trend when it secretly began creating autonomous vehicles in 2009, more people have become aware to the fact that technology can help to remove the human error that is the cause of most crashes. Besides Google, other technological giants, including Uber and Apple, have also introduced self-driving technology. Although these companies have been working on robotic chauffeurs for their self-driving cars, it is highly unlikely this feature will completely replace human drivers because of legal hurdles and liability issues involved.

Improved safety features can help prevent car accidents; however, if a driver is speeding, texting or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there may be no way another driver can avoid colliding with the negligent driver's vehicle. In such instances, injured victims might consider contacting an attorney to find out if they could pursue compensation via a personal injury claim. Compensation for crash victims typically includes a monetary award for expenses stemming from the accident and, in some cases, for pain and suffering.

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