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1 driver and 2 pedestrians injured by drunk driver

A University of Pittsburgh student was handed several charges after causing a car accident on Sept. 24. The 22-year-old man was driving a black Chevrolet Suburban along Fifth Avenue at around 7:30 p.m. when he collided with a red Ford Fusion, ran into the University Bookstore and struck a guardrail on the sidewalk.

The driver of the Fusion and two pedestrians were sent to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries after the car accident. According to reports, the Suburban driver ran away from the scene initially and then returned shortly afterward. Drivers that flee car accidents are sometimes charged for hit-and-run. The Suburban driver was reportedly charged only for driving under the influence and causing injury.

According to a Department of Public Safety spokeswoman, the alleged drunk driver was seen traveling in the bus lane shortly before the crash. The wreck caused damage to the Fusion, and a tow truck was sent to remove both of the cars from the scene. The two pedestrians that were sent to the hospital were injured because they were struck by accident debris. One of the pedestrians had bumps and bruises, and the other suffered an injured ankle.

Even minor injuries can significantly disrupt a car accident victim's life and cause financial damages. An attorney may be able to help a car accident victim calculate how much money they have lost because of a negligent driver's actions and then pursue a claim for compensation. Victims may claim compensation for things like lost wages, medical expenses and car repairs.

Source: The Pitt News, "UPDATED: Pitt student charged after crashing into bookstore," Lauren Rosenblatt, Sept. 25, 2016

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