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Insurers drafting exclusions for sports-related brain injuries

Both professional and amateur athletes in Pennsylvania could potentially suffer concussions that lead to life-altering consequences. More people have recently become aware of such risks with the news of lawsuits against the NFL by players and their families.

Some insurance companies have started including exclusions in their policies specifically regarding head injuries for sports in which players wear helmets to protect themselves. In a class-action lawsuit filed by former NFL players in 2015, 20,000 athletes were awarded a total of nearly $1 billion. Some of the players and their families have appealed, stating that the roughly $4 to $5 million individual settlement amounts are far too low to compensate them for their suffered losses. The final amount may be higher, depending on the outcome of the appeals.

In 2015, 271 concussions were reported by the NFL. This was an increase of 32 percent from 2014. Part of the reason for the increase is that more players are aware of the risks of concussions and are thus more readily reporting them. Aside from the NFL, high school and college athletes also suffer concussions while playing football and other sports, running the risk of permanent degenerative brain conditions.

When a person suffers a sports-related brain injury, his or her life may be permanently altered. Some people who suffer from severe traumatic brain injuries require 24-hour care for performing the tasks of daily living. People who are injured while playing school or professional sports may benefit by getting help from a personal injury attorney who has experience with litigating brain injury cases. A lawyer may be able to analyze what happened in order to give an opinion regarding the winnability of such a case.

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