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Brain injuries from plastic surgery?

A number of Pennsylvanians undergo plastic surgery procedures each year. People who do so may give little thought to the possibility of suffering from injuries due to medical malpractice, but such injuries do happen as a result of plastic surgery in some cases.

One risk that a person might face is one involving the anesthesia that the procedure may require. In one illustrative case, an 18-year-old woman fell into a coma after going in for a breast augmentation procedure. The doctor attempted to revive her when her heart rate fell but was unable to prevent the coma. The woman was able to wake up from the coma two weeks later, but she has permanent brain damage as a result.

The doctor involved in the case was previously convicted of selling prescription drugs online and spent a year in prison for it. Although his license was suspended for one year, he did not lose it. While a complaint is pending, he is still able to practice medicine at this time. This demonstrates the importance of researching the doctor a person is considering for a plastic surgery procedure thoroughly.

There are many different types of surgical errors that can happen. In addition to problems with the administration of anesthetics, other mistakes that are sometimes made include such things as operating on the wrong body part or leaving surgical instruments inside a person's body. All of these can result in severe harm to a patient and require additional expensive medical care and treatment. People who have been affected by this type of negligence may want to have the help of a medical malpractice attorney when attempting to be compensated for the losses that have been incurred.

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