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How self-driving cars are going to be insured

The question of automotive liability becomes substantially more complex when applied to self-driving cars. As every vehicle operating on the roads of Pennsylvania is required by law to carry liability insurance that may pay for any damage caused by the vehicle in an accident, and autonomous vehicles cannot be exempt from that provision.

However, there is no reason to assume that the occupant or the owner of the vehicle should be the one to carry the insurance. In the first place, they are not the driver of the vehicle in any realistic sense. They may not be held liable for what the car does or does not do. Some manufacturers feel that the liability rests with them and that they should be the ones to insure them.

The safety records of self-driving cars have been extremely good so far. This means that the prospective liability payouts expected by these companies are comparatively low, and they may confidently expect to pay low insurance premiums.

Autonomous car manufacturers bear direct responsibility for any car accidents that their vehicles may cause or contribute to. As the car is its own driver, the liability for improper actions on the road or failure to take proper actions when they are required rests with the vehicle, its programmer and its manufacturer. This means that the insurer for the manufacturer should make any payouts necessary for injury or property damage stemming from such an accident. If someone has difficulty obtaining their rightful compensation for damage from a wreck, then they may decide to consult a lawyer and consider their options for filing a civil suit against the manufacturer or their insurer. The lawyer can provide representation, guidance and specific legal information when needed.

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