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May 2016 Archives

Study looks at teledermatology websites

Pennsylvania residents who use teledermatology websites may be interested in a study published in JAMA Dermatology. Several researchers looked at the accuracy of diagnoses at 16 of those websites. Study personnel pretended to be patients and submitted photos from online sources representing a variety of conditions.

Sending text messages to drivers could lead to lawsuits

Motorists who cause an accident while using mobile electronic devices while behind the wheel may face both civil and criminal sanctions, but recent court rulings indicate that those who send text messages to drivers could also be sued. A Pennsylvania court ruled in March 2016 that a lawsuit could proceed against defendants that included two men who sent text messages to a driver that may have led to a fatal crash.

How self-driving cars are going to be insured

The question of automotive liability becomes substantially more complex when applied to self-driving cars. As every vehicle operating on the roads of Pennsylvania is required by law to carry liability insurance that may pay for any damage caused by the vehicle in an accident, and autonomous vehicles cannot be exempt from that provision.

Major recalls for chicken producer

A recall of more than 4.5 million pounds of chicken products might affect many Pennsylvania residents as Pilgrim's Pride Corp. is a large provider of fully cooked chicken meals, and one in five chickens in America reportedly come from the company. The chicken is being recalled for containing non-food materials like plastic and metal.