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Children's product recalls down but dangers still present

Despite an increase in companies that use social media to more widely spread news of their product recalls, many children in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States may still end up using or playing with products that have been deemed unsafe. A 2014 review by the nonprofit group Kids in Danger found that of products sold to consumers that were later recalled, only 1 percent were returned and only 8 percent of total units were removed from circulation.

This means that the danger to kids from faulty products remains significant even though better regulation means there has been a big drop in the overall number of recalls. In 2015, 68 products, comprising approximately 5.5 million units, were recalled. This was fewer than in any year since Kids in Danger first began tracking the information in 2001.

Of all products recalled in 2014, around 25 percent were for children, and of those, more than 50 percent were nursery items or clothing. Kids in Danger also found that it took about a dozen consumer complaints to get a recall in motion. The group urges parents to keep an eye on the website to track products that have had complaints without being recalled.

People tend to assume that products on the market are safe to use, and when it comes to children, parents and caregivers are even more reliant on companies and the government to ensure that their children are unharmed. Injuries resulting from a defective toy or other item can be devastating, and parents might be overwhelmed with medical bills and increased caregiving responsibilities depending on the nature of their child's injuries. An attorney who has products liability litigation experience can often be of assistance in cases like this.

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