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Treatment options for traumatic brain injury sufferers

Thanks to medical advances made in the past several years, doctors in Pennsylvania and around the country are better able to identify and treat severe brain injuries. These injuries are caused by traumatic concussive events, such as automobile accidents or falls, and medical professionals categorize them according to their severity.

Mild traumatic brain injuries are usually referred to as concussions, and decisions about their treatment are made based upon the symptoms presented. Bed rest is the most common treatment for a concussion, and doctors may also urge mild TBI sufferers to refrain from performing mentally challenging activities such as reading or taking care of paperwork. Studies indicate that most patients are able to recover from a concussion after being treated for 10 days or so.

More severe traumatic brain injury cases present medical professionals with more of a challenge, and initial treatment generally takes place in trauma centers or emergency rooms and focuses on the immediate threats to the patient. Recovery from a moderate to severe brain injury is not assured, and sufferers may show few signs of improvement even after undergoing months or years of speech, physical and occupational therapy. Factors influencing the chances of recovery include the age of the patient, the area of the brain affected and the severity of the trauma.

While physical injuries can leave accident victims unable to perform actions that once seemed simple, brain injuries can rob them of their memories and permanently alter their personalities. The relationships that brain injury sufferers have with friends and family members may deteriorate beyond repair, and they could also find it difficult to return to the workforce. Personal injury attorneys may file lawsuits seeking compensation on their behalf in the event that the injury was caused by the negligence of another party.

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