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Bayer sued over possibly dangerous birth control device

People in Pennsylvania may be familiar with Essure. Made of nickel-titanium and polyester fibers, Essure is a permanent birth control device that is meant to prevent pregnancy without the necessity of surgery.

Bayer, the manufacturer of the device, is currently facing lawsuits from over 30 patients. They claim that the device has done serious harm to them.

According to the lawsuit, the women claim that Essure caused health issues ranging from bleeding to loss of hair. The company denies the claims, and the case is on its way to court.

Any company that markets a pharmaceutical, drug or other medical device in the United States is fully responsible for the safety and efficacy of their product. Failure on the corporation's part to ensure this may be grounds for a lawsuit by those who have been negatively impacted. Products liability issues in birth control and other reproductive medications are extremely important, and the damage that results from irresponsibility in the manufacturing and distribution process almost always affects more than one individual. The consequences may include illness, pregnancy and other life altering events of immense significance. Anyone who has experienced adverse effects because of improperly tested, manufactured or marketed medical devices has the right to expect full compensation for the harm they have suffered. It may be also be possible for their spouse or significant other to file suit for the loss of companionship. An attorney could possibly be helpful to those who are trying to determine if their grievance has legal validity, to find the best way to go about filing a suit, to procure expert testimony that might be helpful in their case and to compel redress.

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