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March 2016 Archives

Deep sleep may be key to protecting brain after a TBI

Pennsylvania residents who have incurred traumatic brain injuries or whose loved ones have might be interested in research that suggests the effects of head trauma might be reduced if the patient is put into a deep sleep afterwards. Scientists divided 25 rats who had suffered a blow to the prefontal cortex into three groups and gave one a placebo, gently kept another group awake, and gave a narcolepsy drug called sodium oxybate to the third group to induce slow-wave brain function.

Automatic braking systems to soon be standard

Automobile manufacturers in Pennsylvania and across the country may soon be required to install automatic braking systems in all their vehicles. There is currently a voluntary agreement between 10 of the largest automobile manufacturers to make these systems standard by 2022, and they wish to expand the agreement to include all significant manufacturers. The precise effect of making these systems standard is not yet known, but it is estimated that they could cut the accident rate by as much as a fifth.

Large brain injury study will evaluate testing options

According to statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2 million traumatic brain injuries are treated each week by emergency room staff around the country. While Pennsylvania emergency room doctors have a standardized approach to follow when presented with an individual who has chest pains, there is no comprehensive and agreed-upon strategy for diagnosing the severity of a brain injury.

Pennsylvania TB sufferers may benefit from diagnostic test

Both the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have highlighted the need for better methods to determine whether patients suffer from tuberculosis as the disease claims the lives of upwards of 1.5 million people annually. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine may have come up with a gene expression signature test that improves the ability of Pennsylvania health care practitioners to diagnose this deadly infectious sickness.

Treatment options for traumatic brain injury sufferers

Thanks to medical advances made in the past several years, doctors in Pennsylvania and around the country are better able to identify and treat severe brain injuries. These injuries are caused by traumatic concussive events, such as automobile accidents or falls, and medical professionals categorize them according to their severity.

Lawmakers call for expanded Takata airbag inflator recall

Some Pennsylvania drivers with airbag inflators in their cars manufactured by Takata may soon have their vehicles included in a recall if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration responds to calls to widen the recall's scope. On Feb. 23, a Senate committee said there was evidence that Takata knew about the problems and attempted to cover them up. Additionally, 10 automakers said the problems with the airbag inflators were due to the use of ammonium nitrate, issues with design and manufacturing, and humidity. Over 100 injuries and 10 deaths have been attributed to the faulty inflators.