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New evidence in helmet-maker products liability case

The media has been buzzing about the safety risks inherent to professional football players for years. As more and more former players begin to speak out, the unwanted attention continues to grow. In 2013, football players accepted a settlement offered by the National Football League, but that was not the end of potential litigation involving former NFL players.

The Riddell suit, also known as the "other suit" continues to move forward. A lawyer representing the players has vowed to "put an end to that helmet maker." Strong words, yes, but reportedly those words seem to have a sturdy foundation. The lawyer claims that new documentation in the case has been uncovered.

The lawsuit against Riddell stems from claims that the helmet-maker knew about the risks of concussions for football players wearing its headgear but failed to disclose the hazards. Looking deeper, former NFL players and their attorney claim that Riddell told the NFL that its helmets would actually reduce head injuries by 31 percent.

Ex-football players from teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins are involved in the lawsuit, many of them saying they suffered traumatic brain injuries while using Riddell helmets. For some time, Riddell was the official helmet-maker for the NFL even though other manufacturers approached the organization with allegedly safer products.

Riddell is a large company with an esteemed history in which many football players put their trust. Now these players are reportedly suffering medical and emotional problems in return for this trust. Initiating a product liability lawsuit puts the power of the legal system into the hands of those harmed by faulty or defective products. This is just as true for ordinary residents of Pennsylvania as it is for these former NFL players.

Source: New York Post, "NFL helmet maker takes another hit in concussion lawsuit," Josh Kosman, Feb. 15, 2016

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