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Unkempt roads can cause motorcycle wrecks

Icy roads and cold winds in Pittsburgh make riding your motorcycle unsafe and impractical for most of the winter. But ice is not the only thing that can make streets unsafe, as the story of a motorcycle crash in December shows.

An oil spill led to a single-vehicle crash in California when a rider drove over the slippery substance. An article by KPIX-TV provides few details, but said the rider was fortunately uninjured, though his bike was damaged in the wreck.

Reports of the crash led to a cleanup of the oil, which took several hours. The cause of the spill was not known at the time of the accident, according to KPIX.

Riders and other motorists owe each other a duty to act carefully on the road. At the same time, the roads must be kept in reasonably good shape to reduce the risk of motor vehicle crashes. Unplowed roads and potholes can pose an unacceptable hazard, as can obstacles like branches, debris and spills like the one we describe above.

The responsibility for keeping the roads in decent condition usually falls on local government. Whether due to incompetence, lack of knowledge or budget constraints, cities do not always live up to their responsibility. This is an example of how a party’s negligence can trigger serious injury in a collision, even if that party is not present during the crash.

If the chain of causation that led to an accident leads to a third party, that party should be held liable for its actions -- or inaction.

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