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Man awarded $2.1 million in failure to diagnose malpractice suit

An out-of-state man recently collected payments for his malpractice suit award. The 28-year-old individual received an award of $2.1 million that was paid by the hospital whose employees neglected to properly treat his condition, resulting in the man losing his leg. When Pennsylvania residents suffer medical negligence due to a failure to diagnose their symptoms or conditions, they are typically entitled to file medical malpractice suits against the responsible party or parties.

As a result of a motorcycle accident in 2012, the man suffered a fractured knee. Although he underwent surgery to repair his knee at the defendant hospital, he developed a condition known as acute compartment syndrome. This condition causes swelling in the surrounding muscle and tissue, which, in turn, results in the muscle's blood supply being cut off, causing nerves to die.

The man claimed in his suit that his nurses documented his condition but acted negligently when they failed to inform any doctors. Had the doctors diagnosed his condition, actions could have been taken to treat the condition and save his leg. Regrettably, he instead lost feeling in that leg, could not wiggle his toes, and his leg was later amputated.

The man received an award of $1.3 million to compensate for the economic damages he suffered, which included lost wages and past and future medical bills. The jury additionally awarded the victim $1.5 million as compensation for non-economic damages. However, that amount was divided in half in order to comply with the state's cap of $750,000 for pain and suffering awards. When Pennsylvania residents suffer harm due to a medical professional's negligence or there has been a failure to diagnose their condition, they typically choose to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who can best assess the validity of their claim as well as offer legal advice and representation during any ensuing legal proceedings.

Source:, "2 malpractice claims paid after surmounting legal hurdles", Cary Spivak, Jan. 9, 2016

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