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January 2016 Archives

Fatal Pennsylvania crash could lead to wrongful death claim

Because of their size, drivers of tractor trailers have a moral duty to take action to preserve their personal safety as well as the safety of those they may encounter. Unfortunately, the failure of truck drivers to follow basic traffic laws can result in serious accidents. Officials are still investigating a recent accident in Pennsylvania that resulted in a fatality. Family members of the deceased victim could ultimately decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result. 

Misinterpreted mammogram led to failure to diagnose cancer

Most women in Pennsylvania dread undergoing certain medical procedures, including mammograms. However, they do so despite their discomfort in order to ensure that they are healthy. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims that a radiologist's inaccurate reading of her mammogram results led to the failure to diagnose her breast cancer. A jury recently found her claims to be valid.

Man awarded $2.1 million in failure to diagnose malpractice suit

An out-of-state man recently collected payments for his malpractice suit award. The 28-year-old individual received an award of $2.1 million that was paid by the hospital whose employees neglected to properly treat his condition, resulting in the man losing his leg. When Pennsylvania residents suffer medical negligence due to a failure to diagnose their symptoms or conditions, they are typically entitled to file medical malpractice suits against the responsible party or parties.

Some states push birth injury victims to no-fault fund

A controversial idea is spreading across the country that could affect the rights of infants harmed at birth by medical malpractice. Two states have set up a no-fault birth injury fund to pay victims, instead of giving parents the option of suing for damages, and a task force in a third state is recommending that legislators there do the same thing.