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Recent Pennsylvania car accidents: Truck involved in 3-vehicle cr

A three-vehicle accident that involved a tractor trailer occurred recently in Allentown. The truck's brakes may have failed, police say. Although it's not entirely clear what caused the crash, when Pennsylvania car accidents like these result in serious injury, the victims may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the party believed to have been responsible.

The crash resulted in injuries for several people. Fuel oil was spilled for blocks, and one car caught fire. The driver of the truck was headed northbound on South Fourth Street around 8 a.m. when his brakes apparently malfunctioned. This is said to have caused the truck to go through a red light.

At that time, a car that had the green arrow was proceeding through the intersection. It struck part of the tractor trailer, spilling the fuel. The car then caught fire while the truck came to a stop a few blocks away. The accident area was shut down for approximately four hours while the streets were cleared. Police are currently investigating and are trying to confirm if the truck's brakes did, in fact, fail.

When individuals in Pennsylvania are seriously injured in car accidents, they may be faced with the prospect of paying for medical bills and rehab expenses. If the accident occurred due to the negligence of another party, the victims are normally entitled to file personal injury claims in a Pennsylvania civil court. If properly navigated, financial compensation is sometimes awarded to the victim as reimbursement for the financial damages commonly associated with accidents like these. Individuals typically begin this process by consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney, who may better assess the validity of their claim.  

Source:, "Truck causes crash at South 4th and Emaus in Allentown; brakes could be to blame", Nov. 18, 2015

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