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October 2015 Archives

Calculating damages after a doctor causes a birth injury

Pittsburgh parents love their children no matter what. At the same time, it can be heartbreaking when a child is born profoundly disabled. Every parent has dreams of their children growing up to be independent, successful adults, but a baby who suffers a birth injury before or during delivery may never be able to fulfill these hopes.

1 killed, 1 critical after car turning left hits their motorcycle

Though it happens thousands of times a day, left-hand turns are among the most dangerous situations on the roads of Pittsburgh. The motorist trying to turn must pay close attention to oncoming vehicles to determine when it is safe to proceed. An inattentive or impatient driver can cause a serious wreck by turning as other motorists are still passing through the intersection.

Do texting-and-driving bans help stop car accidents?

Most people now agree that distracted driving is dangerous, but not everyone agrees about what to do about it. Most state legislatures, including Pennsylvania’s, have tried passing bans on some forms of distracted driving. But are these laws making streets and highways safer?