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What is the motorcycle licensing process in Pennsylvania?

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun, convenient and energy-efficient way to get around, but it is often riskier than driving a truck or car. Riders can take steps to minimize the risk of serious injury, though they cannot necessarily avoid all reckless drivers on the road.

Pennsylvania requires motorcyclists to obtain a special license known as Class M. As the Department of Transportation explains, the first step toward getting a Class M license is obtaining a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit. To get the permit, you must pass a vision test and a motorcycle knowledge test.

Once you have a permit, you are allowed to schedule a skills test, or get training through the Motorcycle Training Program if you need it. If you go through the program, a certified Rider Coach will give you a skills evaluation. If you pass, it is not necessary to undergo a skills test at your local Driver’s License Center. If you do not pass, or you do not undergo the training program, you will need to take a skills test.

This system is intended to ensure that riders in Pennsylvania have the basic skills necessary to operate their motorcycle safely. Indeed, all motorists are expected to know how to drive with reasonable care and attention to the well-being of other people nearby.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are plenty of licensed drivers who do not operate their vehicles safely. Most motorcyclists know that drivers frequently fail to keep an eye out for bikes. Careless drivers crash into motorcycles all the time, causing them serious harm.

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