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2 killed when car crosses median, crashes into tractor trailer

When you are driving down the highway, it is scary to consider what would happen if one of the vehicles going the other direction were to suddenly veer into your path. If you could not get out of the way, the combined force of the two vehicles would likely cause a very violent crash.

Recently, a car that went over the median on Route 65 in the Pittsburgh area crashed into a tractor trailer so hard that it caused a fire engulfing two vehicles. The drivers of the semi and the car that went into oncoming traffic were both killed.

According to KDKA-TV, a 69-year-old man was driving north when his car crossed the median for unknown reasons. He slammed into the tractor trailer, ricocheted off and crashed into another car. The truck burst into flames, which spread to a transit van and caused diesel fuel to spill onto the road.

As mentioned, we do not yet know what caused this terrible accident. However, KDKA mentions that a similar crash happened at the same spot on Route 65 in October. That case also involved a car crossing the center lane and crashing into a truck. Perhaps there is something about the condition of the road that makes it unreasonably unsafe to navigate.

Or perhaps it is just an unfortunate coincidence. The driver in this crash might have misjudged his speed, or become distracted by something in the vehicle. Or his car could have suffered a sudden breakdown, causing the man to lose control. Police are investigating, so we might have answers eventually.

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