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Tips for safe driving in a rain storm

One might not think that driving in the rain is as dangerous as driving on ice or snow, but anyone who has ever hydroplaned on a wet road knows that it can lead to disaster. The U.S. Department of Transportation says that rain is a factor in around 707,000 car accidents each year. Unfortunately, around 3,300 people are killed and another 330,200 people are injured in these wrecks.

On its website, an insurance company asked a driving instructor to give tips for driving in the rain as reasonably safely as possible. Here is his advice, for those looking for a refresher:

  • Turn on our headlights. It’s the law in low visibility conditions. Also make sure that your wipers and tires are in good condition.
  • Hydroplaning happens when your tires get more traction on the water than on the road itself, causing the car to slide out of control. If this happens, slowly take your foot off the gas and steer straight until you regain control.
  • Avoid using cruise control. If you hydroplane while on cruise control, it will cause your vehicle to accelerate.
  • On that note, reduce your speed. Keep in mind that posted speed limits are for when driving conditions are ideal, like when traffic is light and the weather is calm. It is not safe to go that fast in heavy rain.
  • Finally, pay close attention when driving in bad weather. Stay alert and try to avoid driving on auto-pilot.

Of course, nothing can guarantee that you will not get into a serious crash, especially if another motorist does not respect the weather. If you are ever the victim of a negligent driver, you should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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