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Your first steps after a serious car accident

Quick: you have just been in a car accident. You may be seriously injured, but you are not sure. What do you do now?

Most people have never been in a serious crash, and they would rather not think about what their plan would be if it ever happens. But it always pays to be prepared, so here are some tips on what your first steps after a car accident should be.

The first thing to keep in mind is your legal obligations. It is the legal duty of all parties involved in a serious crash to remain at the scene until law enforcement arrives, and give a statement to the officer who shows up. The law also expects the parties to exchange contact and insurance information, and render aid to anyone who has been injured.

After that, your top priority should be your health. Auto accidents can cause injuries that are not immediately obvious, so you should seek medical attention even if you do not feel badly hurt. Besides boosting your chances of getting early medical intervention for lurking injuries, going to the doctor begins a paper trail of evidence, which will come in handy if you need to make a claim against the other driver.

Speaking of evidence, to prevail in court or at the negotiating table, you will need strong proof that the person you are suing was responsible for the car accident in which you were hurt. Your attorney may use a variety of professionals to gather evidence, such as investigators, photographers, and other experts.

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