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Motorcycle helmets can save some, but not all, lives in a crash

Most safety experts agree that motorcycle riders and passengers should wear a helmet. While a proper helmet may indeed mean the difference between life and death in many auto accidents, it cannot prevent car and truck drivers from putting Pennsylvania riders in danger.

Recently, a former politician and activist for motorcycle issues was killed while riding his bike, People Magazine reports. The victim, a former state senator from Georgia, was riding within the speed limit and had the right of way when a motorist pulled in front of him, failing to obey a stop sign.

The rider was forced to slam on his brakes. His motorcycle fishtailed before skidding toward the car. The man was thrown from his motorcycle and into the car. The bike then slammed into him and the car. He died at the scene.

While a state senator, the victim campaigned for a repeal of a state law requiring motorcycle helmets. He was wearing a helmet at the time the deadly accident occurred. After leaving office, the victim continued to lobby on rider-related matters.

The driver has been charged with second-degree homicide by vehicle and failure to yield.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 37 out of every 100 motorcycle fatalities could have been prevented by a helmet. That is a significant number, but this statistic also suggests that other factors usually contribute to a deadly motorcycle wreck. Among these factors are careless drivers who fail to look for motorcycles, or do not respect riders’ right of way.

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