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Pennsylvania woman says coffee-drinking bird caused her car crash

Articles about distracted driving usually mention cellphones, which are indeed a major distraction that cause thousands of serious car accidents every year throughout the U.S., including here in Pittsburgh. But drivers frequently become distracted in other ways.

One common form of distraction is allowing a pet to roam free in the vehicle. A dog or cat jumping on your lap can cause you to take your gaze off the road and your hands off the wheel, a good recipe for disaster.

Still, a recent Pennsylvania crash was caused by an animal in a way readers probably would not expect. The driver says her bird caused a distraction by trying to drink from her cup of coffee.

The woman struck a guardrail, suffering a broken arm when her airbag went off. The Pennsylvania State Police says the woman told them that she had her pet bird in the car, along with a full coffee cup with a lid on it.

The bird reportedly likes coffee, and began pecking at the lid. When the woman glanced down to see what the bird was doing, she lost control, leading to the crash.

It appears the bird was uninjured.

Fortunately, despite the driver’s broken arm, it does not appear that there were any severe injuries, and nobody else was involved in the crash. This story would be much less amusing if the woman had rear-ended or T-boned somebody because she was distracted by her pet bird. Hopefully, this incident can serve as a lesson about giving pets free reign of the vehicle.

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