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Car crashes into house in Pennsylvania; 1 dead

Though one would think that the risk of getting into a car accident ends once we walk through the door of our home or other building, our safety from negligent drivers is not always guaranteed indoors. Cars and trucks sometimes escape the confines of city streets and crash into buildings.

The results can be deadly, as they were in Pennsylvania recently. A 51-year-old man died after his car rammed a house late on April 10.

As reported in The Patriot-News, police believe the man failed to stop at a stop sign and lost control of his car. He crashed into the house, which was empty at the time, with so much force that the car crumpled. Rescue workers had to cut off the roof of the car to reach him. The impact also damaged a gas line.

It was not known as of April 12 whether the driver was impaired. Police were awaiting the results of a toxicology test.

Though it is sad that the driver died, it is also fortunate that nobody was home when the accident occurred. If the car had crashed into an occupied bedroom or living room, it could have hit somebody. Without airbags or the steel frame of an automobile to protect them, those occupants likely would have been seriously hurt.

Though it is much more likely to happen on the street, a car crash can happen virtually anywhere, including in a parking lot or even inside a house, store, office or other building. When the accident was due to somebody’s negligent actions (or inaction), that person should have to pay for the consequences.

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