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April 2015 Archives

Police issued more distracted driving tickets than ever in 2014

Three years into Pennsylvania’s texting and driving ban, police are ticketing more drivers than ever before for this dangerous practice. Unfortunately, texting and driving remains a common practice, as anyone who has seen drivers obviously looking down at their phones can attest.

Cause of deadly defect in Takata airbags still uncertain

It has been several months since most major automakers have recalled a total of 17 million vehicles due to defective airbags. Readers likely heard about this massive recall, which focused on airbags made by auto parts giant Takata. It came to light that the airbags had the tendency to inflate with too much force, causing metal and plastic shards to fly into the bodies of drivers and passengers after a car accident.

Pennsylvania woman says coffee-drinking bird caused her car crash

Articles about distracted driving usually mention cellphones, which are indeed a major distraction that cause thousands of serious car accidents every year throughout the U.S., including here in Pittsburgh. But drivers frequently become distracted in other ways.

Car crashes into house in Pennsylvania; 1 dead

Though one would think that the risk of getting into a car accident ends once we walk through the door of our home or other building, our safety from negligent drivers is not always guaranteed indoors. Cars and trucks sometimes escape the confines of city streets and crash into buildings.

Study says distraction causes 60% of teenage car accidents

Despite efforts to get teenage drivers to focus on the road and not their smartphones, young motorists may be committing distracted driving more than ever. A study by AAA contends that distracted driving is to blame for around 60 percent of accidents involving teenagers.