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Pennsylvania man buys car insurance -- moments after car accident

Paying for a car accident can be very expensive. Besides the possible medical bills, repairing your automobile can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Because most of us could not afford to pay these expenses out of pocket, Pennsylvania law requires motorists to carry automobile insurance, or risk having their driver’s license suspended.

The idea is that the person responsible for a car wreck should pay the financial damages suffered by his or her victims. But making a claim on an insurance policy for an accident you caused before you bought the policy is considered to be fraud, a serious crime.

That is what authorities are accusing a Pennsylvania man of doing back in August. According to a news report, the man was involved in a crash on Aug. 21. He apparently had no auto insurance.

Prosecutors say that the man immediately called Safe Auto Insurance and purchased a policy, not mentioning that he was calling from the scene of a crash. The next day, the man filed a $3,900 claim on the policy.

It is not clear how prosecutors discovered the alleged scheme. They recently charged the man, 33, with insurance fraud. The news report also does not mention if any other vehicles were involved in the accident, or if anyone was hurt. If there was an injured party, he or she may have to pursue damages against the driver directly.

Getting into a serious wreck with an uninsured driver can complicate your ability to get compensated, but it still may be possible.

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