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Car accidents destroy Pennsylvania barber sign twice in 5 months

“At least no one was hurt.” It is common for someone to say this after hearing about a relatively minor car accident. And it is always a good thing when nobody involved in the crash suffers anything more than a few bumps and bruises.

But a driver can also damage property by acting negligently. Depending on the extent of the damage, the property owner could face serious repair or replacement costs.

A Pennsylvania barber will have to replace the sign in front of his shop after it was destroyed by a car -- for the second time in less than a year.

He had the same sign in the parking lot of his barber shop since 1982. Five months ago, he had the signposts repainted. Days later, a customer hit his gas pedal instead of the brake and ran over the spruced-up sign.

Insurance paid for repairs, and earlier this year, the barber spent $200 to add lights so the sign would be visible at night.

All was well until March 17, when the barber, 83, came to work to find the sign once again destroyed. A neighbor told the barber seeing someone driving in reverse, trying to dislodge the sign from underneath their vehicle. Eventually, the vehicle got free and drove away.

Police found a nearby abandoned vehicle matching the witness’ description. They contacted the registered owner, but nobody had been charged with a crime as of March 19. An empty beer bottle was found at the scene, and police believe the vehicle went off the road and climbed an embankment before hitting the sign, but it is not certain that alcohol was involved.

The barber said he would not have involved the police, had the driver stopped and left his or her insurance information after hitting the sign.

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