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March 2015 Archives

Will the U.S. be able to handle TBI among elderly in 2030?

Sometimes, getting older means being more vulnerable to brain injury. As we age, atrophy in the brain and the brain’s blood vessels can increase the chances of bleeding in the event of head trauma. People who take blood thinners, or have a history of alcohol abuse, are often particularly in danger of bleeding on the brain.

How to find the blind spots for your vehicle

As we gain experience behind the wheel, it is natural to have a great deal of faith in our ability to drive safely. It is true that practice is a great teacher, but confidence is not an excuse to develop bad habits, such as not looking around enough to make sure it is safe to change lanes.

Pennsylvania man buys car insurance -- moments after car accident

Paying for a car accident can be very expensive. Besides the possible medical bills, repairing your automobile can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Because most of us could not afford to pay these expenses out of pocket, Pennsylvania law requires motorists to carry automobile insurance, or risk having their driver’s license suspended.

What is a hematoma?

If a mother’s obstetrician acts carelessly or recklessly during labor, the baby may have serious health problems after birth. One form of medical malpractice during labor is to inadvertently injure the infant, perhaps while trying to aid in vaginal delivery.

NHTSA: Road rage accidents, deaths on the rise

An alleged case of road rage in Las Vegas that ended in death has put the issue back in the headlines in the U.S., including here in Pittsburgh. Despite public attention paid to aggressive driving in recent years, road rage has not abated. In fact, more people may be getting killed than ever before by motorists who have allowed their rage over a perceived slight overcome their duty towards others on the road.