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4 things car drivers should do to avoid a motorcycle accident

Any motor vehicle accident can injure the motorists and passengers involved, no matter the size of what they are driving. But say one of the vehicles is significantly smaller, like a motorcycle. Chances are, the rider is going to be especially vulnerable to serious harm.

Not only are motorcycles much lighter than the average car or truck, they lack many of the protective features four-wheeled motorists take for granted, like seat belts and airbags. Thus, riders are much less likely to walk away from a collision with a car without any major injuries that the people inside the car.

Many deadly motorcycle accidents that have happened in the Pittsburgh area might never have occurred, if the person driving the larger vehicle had acted with proper caution. Unfortunately, too many motorists fail to watch out for motorcycles, or take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of a crash.

Here are some things drivers can do to avoid hitting a motorcyclist:

  • Look for motorcycles when changing lanes or entering an intersection, using your mirrors and checking blind spots
  • Always signal before changing lanes or merging in the highway
  • Give motorcycles three to four seconds of following distance, and never tailgate a rider
  • Focus on the road, instead of your cellphone

For riders, getting into an accident is a possibility they must deal with every time they hit the road. A serious injury could greatly impact their quality of life, either for a few months or the rest of their lives. Depending on how severe the injury is, they may not be able to go to work anymore, and can no long earn an income.

People in this situation can go to court for compensation, if the other driver caused the crash through negligence.

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